Customer Service Charter

Customer Service Charter and Service Standards

It is our commitment to improving the service we offer and we strive to get it right first time.

We believe that customers have the right to know what level of service they can expect from us all the time - even when we fall short of the high standards, we set ourselves to achieve.

We will:

Contacting us in Person:

Contacting us by Telephone:

Contacting us by Email:


Contacting us by Post:


What is not a Complaint?

The following are not considered complaints:

Many of the issues above are called ‘complaints’ when a customer contacts us.  They are called complaints because a customer is unhappy about the situation and wants something to be done.  The actions we take to resolve many ‘complaints’ are an everyday part of organisational life for us, due to the nature of services we provide.  These issues will be dealt with separately from the formal complaint’s, since these require to be actioned by third parties.

Annoying and/or Troublesome Complaints:

All complaints received by the Council will be treated with the utmost seriousness however, if a complaint is found to be malicious, frivolous, annoying or troublesome no further action will be taken on the complaint.

Anonymous Complaints:

While the Council will receive anonymous complaints, it will generally only act on them where the matter is considered to be serious and where there is sufficient information in the complaint to enable an investigation to be undertaken.

Protection of Customer:

The Council will take all care to ensure that the reporting of complaints will not result in a customer experiencing any form of victimisation or retribution as a result of the complaint.

What if a customer is not satisfied with the resolution of the Complaint?

The Council is confident that it can resolve the majority of complaints received.  However, we understand that it may not be able to satisfy every customer on every occasion.

Sometimes the Council has to make difficult and complex decisions involving many people, and individual customers do not get the outcome they want.

Complaints Management Process:

The Executive Secretary is responsible for handling complex complaints relevant to the Council.  While most problems can usually be resolved at an early stage, there are times when they require a detailed investigation.  If a complaint is of a very serious nature, it will be referred to the Department of Local Government.

Irrespective of the manner in which the complaint was received, a response to the complaint can be expected within five (5) working days.  If a Councillor has submitted a complaint on a customer’s behalf, we will also respond to the Councillor within five (5) working days.

There are times when it is not possible to meet this deadline, e.g. where a complaint is a complex one and the Council needs to be briefed on the outcome of the investigations.  In these cases, we will endeavour to keep the customer informed of the progress.

Our Expectations of the Customer:

To make our job easier in providing our services the Council ask customers:

Abusive Customers:

In any interaction with members of the community where personal abuse or vulgar language is used, the communication may be terminated immediately by the officer.  If face to face, the officer will walk away.  If on a telephone, the officer will terminate the call.  If in email, the address may be blocked.

There may be occasions when the issue(s) a person has, cannot be dealt with to their satisfaction and it is not possible for Council officers to continue to respond; or correspondence contains personal abuse or vulgar language is used.  In these cases, the Council may decide to limit or cease responses to the person. 

If a staff member feels threatened by the language or behaviour of the customer, they may notify the Police.


The Mosta Local Council welcomes compliments about its staff and the services they provide. Compliments assist us to determine whether we are doing something well and also enhance the morale of staff.  If you would like to pay a compliment, you may do so by telephone, at the reception or in writing.  The Council appreciates the time you take to make a compliment.

How Can You Contact Us?

You can contact us to make an enquiry, compliment or a complaint:


This Customer Service Charter will be reviewed at least once every two years.