The Feast of the Patron Saint

Mosta celebrates its main feast on 15 August. The town’s patron saint is the Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven, popularly known among the locals as il-festa ta’ Santa Marija (the feast of St. Mary) or l-Assunta (the Assumption).

In Mosta the feast begins from two weeks before the 15th of August, during which time the festive atmosphere is felt everywhere. The kwindiċina (15 days or two weeks) of feasting is marked by cheerful marches and other musical programmes offered by the two local band clubs, spectacular ground and aerial fireworks offered by the two Mosta fireworks societies, and the embellishment of the streets and squares done by the local decorations’ enthusiasts’ group.  The town is dressed for the feast with colourful lights, drapes, statues and festoons. The famous basilica of Mosta popularly known as the Rotunda, is a spectacle to behold during this time of the year.  Its façade is decorated as also the interior of the church.  

This draws the admiration of both locals and tourists.

The festa reaches its peak on the day of the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady.  Apart from the religious functions inside the church, in the evening the titular statue of the Assunta is carried on the shoulder along the streets during the annual procession, accompanied by Marian marches played by the two local bands, and is welcomed by large crowds of devotees, admirers and tourists.