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Q: I'm lost, where do I go next?

A: The site map is the ideal place to visit if you're confused about which page to visit. If you have a task in mind and cannot find the corresponding page, the site map is what you're looking for.

Q: Where do I find information about Mosta?

A: It contains information about Mosta, along with digital versions of council publications and events. 

Q: Where do I find information about office hours?

A: Office hours along with contact details can be found in the Contact us page. Along with a listing of the members forming the Mosta Local Council you can find opening hours, the postal address and telephone/fax numbers.

Q: How do I enquire for more information?

A: Enquires can be submitted from the Contact page. This page provides the facility to place enquires or complaints/praises. The staff will answer to enquires via email therefore it is very important to provide a correct email address. Double checking is advized.

Q: What is our privacy policy?

A: We are committed to protecting our visitors' privacy and we will not collect any personal information about you as a visitor unless you provide it voluntarily. Any personal information you communicate to us is kept within the website's secure database in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

As a visitor, we collect your contact or feedback information. When you fill any of the forms present on the website, the personal information submitted is used only to serve the purpose indicated. This personal information will not be kept longer than necessary and will be deleted once the feedback requirement is met.