Gardens & Hamlets

The Bridge over Wied il-Għasel

The large stone bridge found today is a recent one.  The original structure consisted of an iron bridge which had been constructed for use by the British military forces in order to facilitate access to Fort Mosta.  With time the bridge became dangerous and had to be pulled down and replaced by the present one.  It is an experience walking over the bridge and looking on both sides of the valley which it spans.  The scene is interesting and picturesque especially during winter and spring.


L-Għarusa tal-Mosta Public Garden

This public garden is situated on the way to Burmarrad.  Part of the defensive wall of the Victoria Lines passes along its perimeter and within this garden there is a Greek theatre and from here one has a breath-taking view over the whole northern part of Malta.  It is one of the few open spaced in the Mosta area where people can go for relaxation.  Underneath this garden one can still find a nuclear shelter which was built during the Cold War.


The hamlet of Bidnija

Bidnija is a small hamlet with around sixty households.  This small village has its own church dedicated to the Holy Family.  Its main activity is centred on agricultural produce as this hamlet is situated in the middle of an extensive fertile rural zone.  Bidnija has from Roman times been famous for its olive trees and some very old trees, dating from over 2000 years ago, are still to be found there.  Bidnija is some distance away from Mosta, and depends on the main town for its religious and administrative needs.