Garage sticker
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Adhesive which is retroreflective for night time and low-light visibility.

Musta - Raħal Twelidi (My Hometown)
€ 40.00
This book is a journey back in time through vintage photography and is a publication made possible through the passionate
efforts of a group of individuals who have the town of Musta (as it was called in the early days) and local culture at heart. It is an attempt to gather and preserve a collection of vintage images that relate to the locality of Mosta. The bulk of the content of this book is made up of photographs from 1840 onwards; that being the first year that photography first made its appearance on our island. Due to this, most of the images and illustrations rest within the first 100 years of the invention of photography and its use on the island. A further scope of this book is to present its viewers not only with visual pleasure and a quick retro glimpse into what made, and makes, Mosta what it is, but also to hopefully help re-generate further interest and awareness of our dwindling traditional village cores.
Kevin Casha
Editor & Coordinator



Il-Mostin - Bejn Fidi u Storja (Between Faith and History)
€ 15.00
This book is in Maltese, and is a narrative of the Faith of the people of Mosta.
It recounts and explains the various aspects of religious history of a rural community that has grown and urbanized over time.
Number of small and scattered villages in the central territory of Malta, emerged near a long valley that over time became known as Honey Valley.
These villages merged and eventually became one village, and called Mosta. It was a community of villagers and farmers, but it was also an entrepreneurial community.
The town was alive, active and forward-looking. They showed that they were people who could dream but also who could act. They believed in themselves. They believed above all in the faith they embraced. They loved her, they respected her, they embraced her, they strengthened her, and most of all they revealed her.
Profs. George Cassar