Discover Mosta


Mosta (Maltese: Il-Mosta) is a town situated in the Northern Region, to the north-west of the Capital City, Valletta.

The area around Mosta was already inhabited by people in remote times as can be seen by a number of remains still visible today. These include the prehistoric Dolmens in the Sta. Margerita area and the Ta’ Bistra Catacombs from the 4th century CE.

During the Middle Ages, Mosta was one of a group of neighbouring hamlets. In the 16th century these hamlets integrated with Mosta which took its place as the principal village.  In 1575 there were 580 persons living in Mosta.  Today the inhabitants surpass the 20,000 mark.

Such development have transformed a small village into one among the largest towns in the Maltese Islands.



Mosta’s motto reflects its rural origins. ‘Spes Alit Ruricolam’, which translated to ‘Hope fortifies the farmer’, evokes the time when fields and arable land surrounded the village.  This has largely changed as today Mosta is one of the most modern urban localities of Malta.